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wl-clipboard: Wayland clipboard utilities

This project implements two command-line Wayland clipboard utilities, wl-copy and wl-paste, that let you easily copy data between the clipboard and Unix pipes, sockets, files and so on.

# Copy a simple text message:
$ wl-copy Hello world!

# Copy the list of files in ~/Downloads:
$ ls ~/Downloads | wl-copy

# Copy an image:
$ wl-copy < ~/Pictures/photo.png

# Copy the previous command:
$ wl-copy "!!"

# Paste to a file:
$ wl-paste > clipboard.txt

# Sort clipboard contents:
$ wl-paste | sort | wl-copy

# Upload clipboard contents to a pastebin on each change:
$ wl-paste --watch nc 5555

Please see the wl-clipboard(1) man page for more details.


wl-clipboard is likely available in your favorite Linux or BSD distro. For building from source, see


wl-clipboard is free software, available under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later.

Related projects

  • wl-clipboard-x11: A wrapper to use wl-clipboard as a drop-in replacement to X11 clipboard tools.
  • wl-clipboard-rs: A Rust crate (library) for working with the Wayland clipboard which includes a reimplementation of wl-copy and wl-paste.