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Turkish deasciifier based on Deniz Yüret's turkish-mode
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turkish-deasciifier: Turkish deasciifier

This is a deasciifier for Turkish. It takes a Turkish string containing only ASCII characters and replaces the relevant characters with their corresponding Turkish letters.

This system is based on the turkish-mode by Dr. Deniz Yüret.

Example library usage:

    from turkish.deasciifier import Deasciifier

    my_ascii_turkish_txt = "Opusmegi cagristiran catirtilar."
    deasciifier = Deasciifier(my_ascii_turkish_txt.decode("utf-8"))
    my_deasciified_turkish_txt = deasciifier.convert_to_turkish()
    print my_deasciified_turkish_txt.encode("utf-8")

Example command line usage:

    $ echo "Opusmegi cagristiran catirtilar." | turkish-deasciify
    $ cat somefile.txt | turkish-deasciify
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