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apptools: application tools

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The apptools project includes a set of packages that Enthought has found useful in creating a number of applications. They implement functionality that is commonly needed by many applications

  • apptools.appscripting: Framework for scripting applications.
  • Provides a plugin for displaying documents and examples and running demos in Envisage Workbench applications.
  • Provides an abstraction for files and folders in a file system.
  • apptools.logger: Convenience functions for creating logging handlers
  • apptools.naming: Manages naming contexts, supporting non-string data types and scoped preferences
  • apptools.permissions: Supports limiting access to parts of an application unless the user is appropriately authorised (not full-blown security).
  • apptools.persistence: Supports pickling the state of a Python object to a dictionary, which can then be flexibly applied in restoring the state of the object.
  • apptools.preferences: Manages application preferences.
  • apptools.selection: Manages the communication between providers and listener of selected items in an application.
  • apptools.scripting: A framework for automatic recording of Python scripts.
  • apptools.sweet_pickle: Handles class-level versioning, to support loading of saved data that exist over several generations of internal class structures.
  • apptools.template: Supports creating templatizable object hierarchies.
  • apptools.type_manager: Manages type extensions, including factories to generate adapters, and hooks for methods and functions.
  • apptools.undo: Supports undoing and scripting application commands.


All packages in apptools require:

The apptools.preferences package requires:

Many of the packages provide optional user interfaces using Pyface and Traitsui. In additon, many of the packages are designed to work with the Envisage plug-in system, althought most can be used independently: