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BoCA - fre:ac Component Architecture

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BoCA is the component framework behind the fre:ac audio converter. It provides unified interfaces for components like encoders, decoders, taggers and extensions as well as code to support communication between the application and its components.


The code for the main library can be found in the runtime directory with headers in the include folder.

The components directory contains various components of different types that can be used with audio software like fre:ac and also serve as examples on how to implement BoCA components.

The scripts directory contains XML scripts that are interpreted by BoCA in order to use various external command line encoders and decoders.


The following packages must be installed in order to compile BoCA:

  • the smooth Class Library
  • libasound2 / libalsa2 development package (Linux only)
  • libcdio and libcdio-paranoia development packages (except OpenBSD)
  • libcdparanoia development package (OpenBSD only)
  • libexpat development package
  • liburiparser development package

When all prerequisites are met, run make followed by sudo make install to compile and install BoCA.

The official fre:ac homepage: https://www.freac.org/

Robert Kausch