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Server for opening external text editors from Chrome
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TextareaServer is a backend of TextareaConnect.


Due to updates in both Chrome and Node.js TextareaConnect/Server is currently broken. Also I'm currently bit busy with my other projects so this will have to wait for now. Pull requests are very welcome thou!


TextareaServer runs on Node.js v0.4 (or higher) and is installable using npm.

In Ubuntu you can get all the building dependecies for Node.js and its extensions using apt-get (npm will automatically install and compile all the extensions).

sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev

More detailed Node.js & npm install instructions can be found from the Node.js wiki

Then just install TextareaServer using npm:

npm install textareaserver

And start it by entering commmand:

textareaserver --editor-cmd gedit

Please report possible issues to TextareaConnect tracker.

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