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Geek Slides

These slides were made for my introductory Node.js talk at Geek Collision Jyväskylä. They also served as a code example within the talk.

This is like any another HTML based slide system, but there is also clever web server written with Node.js that allows presenter to remote control the slides from a mobile web app. So anyone in the audience can view the slides and the slides are immediately switched on their screens as the presenter goes on with the slides.


The original slides are hosted here for now:

navigate with arrow keys

The remote controller interface can be found from here:

But beware! There might be several people controlling the slides! :)

Installing and hacking

If the demo is already down you can install the slides locally.

Install Node.js and NPM and run

git clone
cd geekslides
npm install
node app.js

You can modify the slides from views/slides.jade

If you are creating your own slides on top these, please fork this project so we can track its usage, thanks :)