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Jkop - A universal software development framework

Jkop is a multi-platform, multi-language application development framework and API, intended to support the development of different kinds of applications on multiple programming languages and operating systems. Originally developed in Sling, the code is translated to different programming languages to support the different platforms. Currently Jkop fully supports development in Sling, Java, C#, Objective-C and JavaScript, and is actively tested on Android, iOS, macOS / Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and the web. Support for C++ is also substantial but not as comprehensive.

Quick links for Java programmers:

Maven Central Javadocs

The framework is divided in the following logical components:

  • cape ("Common API for Everything"): Common application development functionality, including string manipulation, data structures, threading, I/O, and other similar fundamental development functionalities.

  • capex ("Cape Extensions"): Additional functionality to augment cape, including encryption, common encoding/decoding implementations, string formatting utilities, additional mathematics, SQL support, etc.

  • cave ("Cape Visual Extensions"): Framework for the development of graphical user interfaces

  • motion: Framework for development of high speed motion graphics, including games and other highly graphical applications.

  • sympathy: Framework for the development of web servers, web services and other server-side components.

Jkop is fully written in the Sling Programming Language, and also serves as the default application development framework for Sling applications. Jkop source code is also available for other languages. See also:

More information: