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My dotfiles tuned for zsh and OS X.


bash -c "$(curl -sL"

And then configure git:

cp ~/.dotfiles/.gitconfig.private.example ~/.gitconfig.private
$EDITOR ~/.gitconfig.private

Also install zsh and chsh your shell to it and use the Solarized color scheme (iTerm or Terminal).

What's in the box?

.fzf and .zsh/fzf.zsh

General purpose fuzzy finder. Find files, command history and more.

Usage: Ctrl-R and Ctrl-T in zsh. Ctrl-P in vim.

.tmux and .tmux.conf

Terminal multiplexer. You can create persisted sessions with multiple tabs and panes for your projects.

Prefix is set to ` and to type a ` use \`.

UI Customized with tmuxline.vim and lightline.vim.

bin/utcdate is shown in the bottom right of the tmux status line.

TODO: Document other tmux settings and keybindings (e.g. resizing, switching panes, zooming, scrolling, searching, copy/pasting, last window, etc)

.vim and .vimrc

.zsh and .zshrc

Includes pure prompt, zsh-syntax-highlighting and some tidbits (tab completion) from slim.zsh.

I'm using abbreviations instead of aliases. Pressing <space> or <enter> will auto expand any abbreviation. See abbreviations.zsh for a list of abbreviations. There is currently a bug where expansion happens unexpectedly mid command (especially noticable for l and g. See ticket for workaround.

To enter vi-mode, press jk. Vi mode is indicated by a ❯❯ prompt. Emacs bindings are still in place so if you don't like vi mode, just don't press jk.

TODO: Document other zsh settings

Used to install and update dotfiles to this repo.

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