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Community plugins for esbuild

⚠️ These plugins are from the community and are not officially supported. ⚠️

This is just a centralized list of 3rd-party plugins to make discovery easier. No guarantees are made as to plugin quality, compatibility, or lack of malicious code. As with all 3rd-party dependencies, you should review them yourself before including them in your project.

Plugin list

New file extensions (hosted on npm)

Other plugins (hosted on npm)

Plugins for Deno

How to use a plugin

To use an esbuild plugin, you generally import it into your build script and then pass it to the esbuild API like this:

const esbuild = require('esbuild')
const somePlugin = require('some-plugin'){
  plugins: [
}).catch(() => process.exit(1))

More documentation about plugins and the plugin API is available here.

Adding your plugin here

If you would like to add your plugin to this list, create a PR that updates this README file. The update should add a single bullet under the Plugin list section that starts with a link to the plugin and is followed by a brief one-sentence description. The text of the link should be the npm package name and it should be inserted in alphabetical order. It should look something like this:

Before creating a PR, please make sure that:

  • The package is already published to npm
  • You are the author of the plugin
  • You are willing to respond to issues about the plugin if people file issues against it

Note: Even though the text "esbuild-plugin-example" above is a link, it's just example placeholder text. The project at the link destination intentionally doesn't exist. The text is only linked to demonstrate how you should format your entry.