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chore: update ignore patterns in eslint.config.js #16678

merged 1 commit into from
Dec 21, 2022


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After #16579, docs/** ignore pattern matches directory docs/, so !docs/.eleventy.js doesn't really unignore docs/.eleventy.js file because the file is in an ignored directory.

This is observable in our CI:

Run node Makefile lintDocsJS
Validating JavaScript files in the docs directory

Warning:   0:0  warning  File ignored by default.  Use a negated ignore pattern (like "--ignore-pattern '!<relative/path/to/filename>'") to override

✖ 1 problem (0 errors, 1 warning)

This PR updates ignore patterns in our eslint.config.js to re-enable linting docs/.eleventy.js, and makes a few other updates related to ignore patterns.

What changes did you make? (Give an overview)

  • Changed docs/** ignore pattern to docs/*. In combination with !docs/.eleventy.js, this means that everything under docs/ is still ignored, except for docs/.eleventy.js.
  • Removed !.eslintrc.js ignore pattern as it had no effect because the flat config system does not ignore dotfiles by default.
  • Updated glob pattern we use to lint docs js files, from docs/.eleventy.js to docs. The command still lints only docs/.eleventy.js file, but it was supposed to have the whole docs directory as the target while the config file controls which files should be linted. Specifying the exact file in the command was only a temporary solution at a point when this didn't work well.
  • Updated two test titles, per fix: Ensure flat config unignores work consistently like eslintrc #16579 (comment) and fix: Ensure flat config unignores work consistently like eslintrc #16579 (comment).

Is there anything you'd like reviewers to focus on?

@mdjermanovic mdjermanovic added accepted There is consensus among the team that this change meets the criteria for inclusion chore This change is not user-facing labels Dec 19, 2022
@mdjermanovic mdjermanovic requested a review from a team as a code owner December 19, 2022 00:03
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netlify bot commented Dec 19, 2022

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@snitin315 snitin315 left a comment

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LGTM, thanks!

@snitin315 snitin315 merged commit 10a5c78 into main Dec 21, 2022
@snitin315 snitin315 deleted the update-ignore-patterns branch December 21, 2022 04:29
crapStone pushed a commit to Calciumdibromid/CaBr2 that referenced this pull request Jan 3, 2023
This PR contains the following updates:

| Package | Type | Update | Change |
| [eslint]( ([source]( | devDependencies | minor | [`8.30.0` -> `8.31.0`]( |


### Release Notes


### [`v8.31.0`](

[Compare Source](eslint/eslint@v8.30.0...v8.31.0)

#### Features

-   [`52c7c73`](eslint/eslint@52c7c73) feat: check assignment patterns in no-underscore-dangle ([#&#8203;16693](eslint/eslint#16693)) (Milos Djermanovic)
-   [`b401cde`](eslint/eslint@b401cde) feat: add options to check destructuring in no-underscore-dangle ([#&#8203;16006](eslint/eslint#16006)) (Morten Kaltoft)
-   [`30d0daf`](eslint/eslint@30d0daf) feat: group properties with values in parentheses in `key-spacing` ([#&#8203;16677](eslint/eslint#16677)) (Francesco Trotta)

#### Bug Fixes

-   [`35439f1`](eslint/eslint@35439f1) fix: correct syntax error in `prefer-arrow-callback` autofix ([#&#8203;16722](eslint/eslint#16722)) (Francesco Trotta)
-   [`87b2470`](eslint/eslint@87b2470) fix: new instance of FlatESLint should load latest config file version ([#&#8203;16608](eslint/eslint#16608)) (Milos Djermanovic)

#### Documentation

-   [`4339dc4`](eslint/eslint@4339dc4) docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
-   [`4e4049c`](eslint/eslint@4e4049c) docs: optimize code block structure ([#&#8203;16669](eslint/eslint#16669)) (Sam Chen)
-   [`54a7ade`](eslint/eslint@54a7ade) docs: do not escape code blocks of formatters examples ([#&#8203;16719](eslint/eslint#16719)) (Sam Chen)
-   [`e5ecfef`](eslint/eslint@e5ecfef) docs: Add function call example for no-undefined ([#&#8203;16712](eslint/eslint#16712)) (Elliot Huffman)
-   [`a3262f0`](eslint/eslint@a3262f0) docs: Add mastodon link ([#&#8203;16638](eslint/eslint#16638)) (Amaresh  S M)
-   [`a14ccf9`](eslint/eslint@a14ccf9) docs: clarify files property ([#&#8203;16709](eslint/eslint#16709)) (Sam Chen)
-   [`3b29eb1`](eslint/eslint@3b29eb1) docs: fix npm link ([#&#8203;16710](eslint/eslint#16710)) (Abdullah Osama)
-   [`a638673`](eslint/eslint@a638673) docs: fix search bar focus on `Esc` ([#&#8203;16700](eslint/eslint#16700)) (Shanmughapriyan S)
-   [`f62b722`](eslint/eslint@f62b722) docs: country flag missing in windows ([#&#8203;16698](eslint/eslint#16698)) (Shanmughapriyan S)
-   [`4d27ec6`](eslint/eslint@4d27ec6) docs: display zh-hans in the docs language switcher ([#&#8203;16686](eslint/eslint#16686)) (Percy Ma)
-   [`8bda20e`](eslint/eslint@8bda20e) docs: remove manually maintained anchors ([#&#8203;16685](eslint/eslint#16685)) (Percy Ma)
-   [`b68440f`](eslint/eslint@b68440f) docs: User Guide Getting Started expansion ([#&#8203;16596](eslint/eslint#16596)) (Ben Perlmutter)

#### Chores

-   [`65d4e24`](eslint/eslint@65d4e24) chore: Upgrade [@&#8203;eslint/eslintrc]([@&#8203;1]( ([#&#8203;16729](eslint/eslint#16729)) (Brandon Mills)
-   [`8d93081`](eslint/eslint@8d93081) chore: fix CI failure ([#&#8203;16721](eslint/eslint#16721)) (Sam Chen)
-   [`8f17247`](eslint/eslint@8f17247) chore: Set up automatic updating of README ([#&#8203;16717](eslint/eslint#16717)) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
-   [`4cd87cb`](eslint/eslint@4cd87cb) ci: bump actions/stale from 6 to 7 ([#&#8203;16713](eslint/eslint#16713)) (dependabot\[bot])
-   [`fd20c75`](eslint/eslint@fd20c75) chore: sort package.json scripts in alphabetical order ([#&#8203;16705](eslint/eslint#16705)) (Darius Dzien)
-   [`10a5c78`](eslint/eslint@10a5c78) chore: update ignore patterns in `eslint.config.js` ([#&#8203;16678](eslint/eslint#16678)) (Milos Djermanovic)



### Configuration

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