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Coinbase integration

Another long time coming release, but this one is packed with goodies. First of all, we are very happy with to announce a Coinbase integration: if you are in the United States, now you can buy up to $5 with a credit or debit card and transfer it to any ethereum account instantly. You'll be prompted to create a Coinbase account if you don't have one already, and then log in.

As Coinbase adds more markets, they will be added to the wallet, and we are looking into how we can use their bank transfers integration to allow unlimited daily amounts. We are not getting any fees or compensation for this (unlike our ShapeShift affiliate program which sends about 0.25-0.4% to the Ethereum Tip Jar) but we are very excited to see another adoption barrier being taken down. We thank the Coinbase team for their help making this a reality.


New Mist accounts panel

We are changing the way accounts are made visible to a Dapp in Mist. By default, an app isn't shown any more information on the user than what it would get from browsing a normal web (which, admittedly, already leaks tons of information) so we wanted to simplify the process of revealing your accounts to the app. The new process is similar to the authentication in the Chrome browser or connecting via Facebook oauth.

To reveal your account to an app, click on the anonymous person icon, and then choose one or more accounts that will be made visible. An app can and should change it's UI to reflect the changes (but never reveal any private information as, until the user properly signs a message, they haven't proven ownership of these accounts yet).

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Replay prevention

We added an advanced feature to prevent your transactions on being replayed on other chains, like ethereum classic. This allows you either to prevent that transfer on happening on classic at all, or use that transaction to send the same amount to a different contract, like a newly created account or an exchange. If you want to fully separate all your transactions we recommend you create two new accounts, one for Ethereum proper and the other for Classic, and then move all your funds into them (remember that you need ether to move tokens), making sure that each account has 0 ether on the other chain - doing this once would prevent any future transaction from being replayed. To use this, use the "more options" button on the send page.

This feature also supports splitting tokens, but it's very experimental and will not work on all tokens. Since all of this is done using a contract then first you need to allow that contract to move tokens in your behalf by clicking "Approve token transfer".

As always, these features are experimental and should be tested with small amounts first. Although most transactions are replayed on both chains, some may not for multiple reasons. Also, some exchanges have issues receiving ether from a contract address - if that's your case, contact the exchange.

We've also removed all Fork code from the Mist app, so if you want to use it Ether Classic you'll have to either download Classic Mist directly from their repository or use your own node as the backend for your wallet (both Ethereum Wallet and Mist can connect to any node) as you would do for a private network.

Other changes

  • Fixes blank screen at startup #1110 - This nasty bug was one of the culprits of the long delay, as it was an erratic behaviour that would only affect installs on a clean system
  • Adds a links to the contract source code on the confirmation window
  • Added contrast on dark themes #1001
  • Enabled HTTP RPC sockets (#871)
  • Fixed Tabs permissions update (#1061)
  • Fixed node download logic (#1048)
  • New wallet favicon and 404 page (ethereum/meteor-dapp-wallet/263)


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