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Release 3.4.0 Notes

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New features

  • rollback set head and purge blocks antecedent to specified block number.
  • --chain-config replaces init [genesis] , allowing finer-grained control over a private network configuration.
  • dump-chain-config is useful for establishing starting-point customnet.json external chain configurations.
  • --chain allows you to specify chain to run by "chainID", ie "mainnet", "morden", and "customnet". Its value selects the parent/chain subdirectory in which to store all chain and node data.

To learn more about these new features, check out the Command Line Options wiki page near the bottom.

Data directory migration

We've renamed the base default data directory from "Ethereum" to "EthereumClassic" (or OS-sensible variants). Along with this and the implementation of --chain flag, chain-based data are now stored by named subdirectories under the parent data dir. This means

out with the old:

# morden testnet defaults

# mainnet defaults

in with the new:

# morden testnet defaults

# mainnet defaults

Geth will attempt to migrate (mv) any relevant data from the old schema to the new, unless:

  • it can't find pertinent ETC data in the old directories,
  • the "old" data isn't in the default locations,
  • or you override the defaults with the --data-dir, --chain=customnet or --external-config flags,
  • it already has, in which case you're up-to-date

:bug:'s squished and other improvements

  • All commands and flags which are conjuctions (like --datadir) have been aliased with their --data-dir hyphen-case pair.
  • Attempts to use an invalid command will show help instead of being ignored.
  • Public API GetBlockByNumber now populates logsBloom field (thanks @tranvictor).
  • Logging sync busy has been relegated to Debug level.
  • Improved tests, their coverage, and OS-agnosticism.
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