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FINALLY a telegram bot, so you don't miss out rare pokemon anymore.

Made using pogom and python-telegram-bot

BUT NOW (drumroll) SUPPORT PokemonGo-Map


  1. Clone repository with git clone git@github.com:eugenio412/PogomBOT.git
  2. this will clone master branch
  3. master branch
  • Stable branch
  • Tested features
  1. develop branch
  • Could be instable sometimes.
  • Newest features
  1. Switching branches
  • Never used develop before: git checkout -b develop origin/develop
  • switch to master: git checkout master
  • switch to develop: git checkout develop
  • update current branch: git pull

Installation Instructions

See it at our wiki.

New IV feature

Now our bot can send you the notification with the IV number, but only with PokemonGO-Map using the develop branch.

Full List of Commands

See them at our commands page.

Troubleshooting Guide

See it at our troubleshooting page.

Join out telegram group

IF YOU ARE REPORTING A BUG OPEN A ISSUE, but if you want to contact the creators write to our telegram group: http://telegram.me/pogomBOTgroup



23 sept 2016: added user selected language for move names if available. Otherwise using english.

23 sept 2016: added individual iv filter for pokemons.

21 sept 2016: added /location to set locationbased filtering with text. Sending your location works too.

16 sept 2016: added imported locales from pokemongo-map

16 sept 2016: added script to convert pokemongo-map locales

14 sept 2016: added POKEMON_MINIMUM_IV feature