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We herewith begin a saga about monitoring with this series entitled "Timestamped: a trilogy in a few parts," this being the first part, where we introduce a map to count key things, and ensure we can sort it by its integer values.

We will be analysing logs in this unwinding series. Ultimately we gonna hook up a remote Log4j appender to digest our logs to gather stats, and make some judgement calls as to the rapidly changing status of our app.

These articles are drafted here, and published on my blog, java.net/blogs/evanx.

Counter Map (June 2012) - a map of integer counts

Timestamped Dequer (July 2012) - deque with timestamped entries

Deque Shredder (August 2012) - testing our timestamped deque

Millis (November 2012) - util class for milliseconds

Appender Deque (Planned)