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Bazel build rules for interacting with Amazon web services
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A set of bazel rules that provide macros and rules for interacting with Amazon web services.


These rules require bazel_rules_nodejs

Add a WORKSPACE dependency on this repository

    name = "tools_evertz_rules_aws",
    remote = "",
    commit = "REPLACE_WITH_COMMIT",

load("@tools_evertz_rules_aws//:defs.bzl", "setup_rules_aws")




Pushes a set of files to an S3 bucket, use with bazel run

Attr Description
bucket_name Name of the S3 bucket to push to
files A list of files or labels that should be pushed
strip_prefix Files are pushed with their full path intact.
This can be customized by setting strip_prefix which will then be removed from the start of the file path, defaults to an empty string.
base_prefix The prefix to be added to each of the files to give it in a place in the bucket, defaults to /.
This field can substitute values from env vars defined in configuration_env_vars.
Use the syntax /some/{FOO}/path for replacement
empty_prefix_files If set to True, this will cause files under base_prefix that are already in the bucket to be removed before the new files are pushed. Defaults to False
configuration_env_vars A list of env variables that will be made available to this rule. Can also take input from --define
load("@tools_evertz_rules_aws//:defs.bzl", "ev_s3_push")

    name = "docs",
    files = [":some_label", ""],
    bucket_name = "docs_site",
    strip_prefix = "workspace_name/rules_aws",
    base_prefix = "bazel",
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