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Hi there 👋

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes home of Exercism!

Our website is powered by hundreds of different repositories, which you're free to browse and explore. Each track has a content repository (e.g. exercism/ruby) and one or more tooling repositories (e.g. exercism/ruby-test-runner, exercism/ruby-analyzer). The website source-code lives at exercism/website.

  • If you're looking to open an issue, the best place for nearly all issues is the exercism/exercism repository. We can then triage it to the right place as appropriate.
  • If you're looking to contribute, our contributing page is a good starting point. Be aware that different repositories have different contributing guidelines - you can always feel free to open an issue to ask how to help if you're unsure 🙂

Everything in Exercism is covered by our Code of Conduct - please take a read and adhere to it in discussions on GitHub.

Finally, please note that different parts of Exercism are licenced under different licences, so please be mindful of the specific licence for any code you use!

Have fun! 🎉


  1. exercism Public

    Crowd-sourced code mentorship. Practice having thoughtful conversations about code.

    7k 1k

  2. cli Public

    A Go based command line tool for

    Go 1.2k 340

  3. docs Public

    Docs for V3

    34 77

  4. website Public

    The codebase for Exercism's website.

    Ruby 266 92

  5. Shared metadata for exercism exercises.

    Ruby 291 520