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A software company specializing in developer tools for Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

Pinned repositories

  1. 💫 Industrial-strength Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python and Cython

    Python 17k 3.1k

  2. 🛸 spaCy pipelines for pre-trained BERT, XLNet and GPT-2

    Python 786 95

  3. 💫 Models for the spaCy Natural Language Processing (NLP) library

    Python 628 142

  4. 🔮 A refreshing functional take on deep learning, compatible with your favorite libraries

    Python 2k 183

  5. 🍳 Recipes for the Prodigy, our fully scriptable annotation tool

    Python 191 46

  6. 💝 Example projects for various NLP tasks with datasets, scripts and results

    Jupyter Notebook 231 52


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