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This repository is the source for F5 Imperative Collection for Ansible. The architecture of the modules makes inherent use of the BIG-IP REST APIs as well as the tmsh API where required.

This repository is an incubator for Ansible imperative modules. The modules in this repository may be broken due to experimentation or refactoring.

The F5 Modules for Ansible are freely provided to the open source community for automating BIG-IP device configurations.

If you want to download the stable modules, please install latest collection release found on galaxy: F5 Ansible Modules Collection.

Collections Daily Build

We offer a daily build of our most recent collection here. Please use this Collection to test the most recent Ansible module updates between releases.

Installing the Daily Build

ansible-galaxy collection install <collection name> -p ./collections
ansible-galaxy collection install f5networks-f5_modules-devel.tar.gz -p ./collections


"-p" is the location in which the collection will be installed. This location should be defined in the path for ansible to search for collections. An example of this would be adding collections_paths = ./collections to your ansible.cfg


F5 supports the F5 Imperative Collection for Ansible delivered in Ansible Galaxy. Please refer to the F5 Ansible Support Policy for details.

Community Support

We encourage you to use our Slack channel for discussion and assistance on F5 Ansible Modules (click the ansible channel). There are F5 employees who are members of this community who typically monitor the channel Monday-Friday 9-5 PST and will offer best-effort assistance. This slack channel community support should not be considered a substitute for F5 Technical Support.

Bugs, Issues

Please file any bugs, questions, or enhancement requests by using Github Issues. For details, see Get Help.


We no longer accept external code submissions.


All documentation is available on Changelog information available on Changelogs.

Python Version Deprecation

Support for versions of Python earlier than 3.5 is being deprecated and will be removed at a future date.

Your ideas

What types of modules do you want created? If you have a use case and can sufficiently describe the behavior you want to see, open an issue and we will hammer out the details.

If you've got the time, consider sending an email that introduces yourself and what you do. We love hearing about how you're using the F5 Modules for Ansible.


We no longer accept external code submissions.


Copyright 2017-2022 F5 Networks Inc.



This License does not grant permission to use the trade names, trademarks, service marks, or product names of the Licensor, except as required for reasonable and customary use in describing the origin of the Work.

See License.


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