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@facebook-github-bot facebook-github-bot released this 28 Sep 19:49

New Features:

  • Added a $Rest<A,B> type, which models the semantics of object rest
  • Added support for null prototypes, a la Object.create(null)
  • Added support __proto__ property in object literals and object type annotations

Notable bug fixes:

  • Improved support for React higher-order components, e.g. Relay fragment containers
  • Improved performance of flow focus-check for multiple files
  • Fixed type-at-post support for $ReadOnlyArray types
  • Fixed many cases where error messages were reported far away from the root cause.
  • Fixed find-refs for named exports


  • Added experimental lazy mode for IDEs
  • Added <VERSION> token for suppress_comment option in .flowconfig
  • Removed support for $Abstract utility type
  • Removed support for flow typecheck-contents --graphml