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Adds static typing to JavaScript to improve developer productivity and code quality.
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mvitousek and facebook-github-bot [optional-chaining] Optional chains used for typeof, instanceof, and …
…Array.isArray refinements

Similar to D18458524, which added support for refinements in literal comparisons with optional chains, this diff adds support for type comparisons with optional chains. For the most part this is a simple extension of the existing work in D18458524, in order to generate refinements for cases like this:
class C { ... }
declare var x: ?{
  arr: Array<number>,
  obj: {...},
  c: C,
  maybe_void: number | void
if (Array.isArray(x?.arr)) { ... }
if (typeof x?.obj === "object") { ... }
if (x?.c instanceof C) { ... }

In all of these conditionals, we can be certain that if the condition returns true, then `x` is not null or undefined, because short-circuiting always produces `undefined`, and
1. `Array.isArray(undefined) === false`
2. `typeof undefined === "undefined"`
3. For all X, `undefined instanceof X === false`.

Case 2 above means that we need to flip the predicates generated from the optional chain when looking at a program like:
if (typeof obj?.maybe_void === "undefined") { ... }
In that case, we don't know whether the conditional succeeding means that `obj` is null or undefined or if `obj.maybe_void` is void--it could be either. But in the else case of the if, we know that `obj` is not null or undefined and that `obj.maybe_void` is a number.

Reviewed By: panagosg7

Differential Revision: D18496275

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Flow is a static typechecker for JavaScript. To find out more about Flow, check out

For a background on the project, please read this overview.



Flow works with:

  • macOS
  • Linux (64-bit)
  • Windows (64-bit, Windows 10 recommended)

There are binary distributions for each of these platforms and you can also build it from source on any of them as well.

Using Flow

Check out the installation instructions, and then how to get started.

Using Flow's parser from JavaScript

While Flow is written in OCaml, its parser is available as a compiled-to-JavaScript module published to npm, named flow-parser. Most end users of Flow will not need to use this parser directly, but JavaScript packages which make use of parsing Flow-typed JavaScript can use this to generate Flow's syntax tree with annotated types attached.

Building Flow from source

Flow is written in OCaml (OCaml 4.07.1 is required).

  1. Install opam:
  1. Initialize opam:
opam init
  1. Install OCaml and Flow's dependencies:
# from within this git checkout
opam switch create . --deps-only -y
  1. Build the flow binary:
eval $(opam env)

This produces the bin/flow binary.

  1. Build flow.js (optional):
opam install -y js_of_ocaml.3.4.0
make js

This produces bin/flow.js.

The Flow parser can also be compiled to JavaScript. Read how here.

Running the tests

To run the tests, first compile flow using make. Then run bash ./ bin/flow

There is a make test target that compiles and runs tests.

To run a subset of the tests you can pass a second argument to the file.

For example: bash bin/flow class | grep -v 'SKIP'

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Flow is MIT-licensed (LICENSE). The website and documentation are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (website/LICENSE-DOCUMENTATION).

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