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cf also
SEMI ocollection.mli
SEMI oarray.mli
SEMI oassoc.mli
SEMI osequence.mli
SEMI oset.mli
SEMI ograph.mli
SEMI ograph\_extended.mli
SEMI ograph\_simple.mli
(* TypeClass via objects. Cf also now *)
class virtual objet :
method invariant: unit -> unit
(* method check: unit -> unit *)
method of_string: string -> unit
method to_string: unit -> string
method debug: unit -> unit
(* ugly (but convenient): those methods allow to extend an interface without
* changing its interface. For instance in oassocbtree I want to
* provide a method to commit, but doing so will mean break the interface
* of oassoc. But if provide the commit code via a misc_op_hook, then
* I will not break the interface.
method misc_op_hook: unit -> 'o
method misc_op_hook2: unit
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