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Facebook Instant Articles Builder

🚨 Important Note

⚠️ Instant Articles is no longer available, starting April 20, 2023

All related developer tools have been archived.

Instant Articles Builder helps you to create a template to build Facebook Instant Articles from articles on your website.

Try it out (Windows/Mac):

Building from source

Run (on the root of the project):

npm install

Launching the App

Just run (on the root of the project):

npm start


Run the following command (on the root of the project):

npm test

Preview config

To enable the experimental preview of the Instant Article, you can run the webserver locally or point to a remote one.

There are three environment variables that are used to configure the webserver:

    • When true, when launching the Builder it will start the local webserver (requires php to be installed locally)
    • Default value: true
  • IA_BUILDER_PREVIEW_WEBSERVER_HOST ({protocol}:{hostname}). Optional.
  • IA_BUILDER_PREVIEW_WEBSERVER_PORT ({port number}). Optional.
    • When present overrides the port of the webserver
    • Default value: 8105

Local webserver

To enable the preview using a local webserver (which requires PHP to be installed in your local environment) navigate to the webserver directory:

cd webserver

And install the composer dependencies:

composer install

Remote webserver

You may also point to a remote webserver for the preview. To configure the remote webserver you can use the mentioned environment variables, or if you are building from source you can create a file called .env in the root of the repo with content similar to:


You can use the Docker image included in this repo under docker/webserver to get a webserver instance running locally in Docker.

Single container (no cache)

You can get a single container with the webserver without cache by running the following command to build the image:

docker build ./docker/webserver -t ia-webserver

and then the following command to run your container and make it accessible through the 8105 port (which is also configurable):

docker run -it --rm -p 8105:8000 --name ia-webserver ia-webserver:latest

Docker-compose (with cache)

Update .env with the port according with docker-compose file. As default, memcache it is configured: "8107:8000".

You can get a webserver with cache (using memcached) by running the following command from the `Docker/webserver/ folder:

docker-compose up

You can take a look at the cache stats by going to http://localhost:11212.

once you are done you can stop both containers with the following command:

docker-compose down


Please read the LICENSE file for more information.