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FAIR Data Point (FDP)

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Python implementation of FAIR Data Point.

FDP is a RESTful web service that enables data owners to describe and to expose their datasets (metadata) as well as data users to discover more information about available datasets according to the FAIR Data Guiding Principles. In particular, FDP addresses the findability or discoverability of data by providing machine-readable descriptions (metadata) at four hierarchical levels:

FDP -> catalogs -> datasets -> distributions

FDP software specification can be found here. Other implementations are also available, e.g. Java implementation


To install FDP, do

From pypi

pip install fairdatapoint

Or from this repo, but note that the in-development version might be unstable,

git clone
cd fairdatapoint
pip install .


fdp-run localhost 80

The Swagger UI is enabled for FDP service, and you can have a try by visiting http://localhost.

Unit testing

Run tests (including coverage) with:

pip install .[tests]

Deploy with Docker

Check fairdatapoint-service.

Deploy without Docker

Before deploying FDP, it's necessary to first have a running SPARQL database which can be used to store metadata.

pip install fairdatapoint

# fdp-run <host> <port> --db=<sparql-endpoint>
# Let's assume your <host> is '' and <sparql-endpoint> is '', then
fdp-run 80 --db=''

Web API documentation

FAIR Data Point (FDP) exposes the following endpoints (URL paths):

fdp Output fdp metadata Create new fdp metadata Update fdp metadata Not Allowed
catalog Output all catalog IDs Create new catalog metadata Not Allowed Not Allowed
dataset Output all dataset IDs Create new dataset metadata Not Allowed Not Allowed
distribution Output all distribution IDs Create new distribution metadata Not Allowed Not Allowed
catalog/<catalogID> Output <catalogID> metadata Not Allowed Update <catalogID> metadata Remove <catalogID> metadata
dataset/<datasetID> Output <datasetID> metadata Not Allowed Update <datasetID> metadata Remove <datasetID> metadata
distribution/<distributionID> Output <distributionID> metadata Not Allowed Update <distributionID> metadata Remove <distributionID> metadata

Access endpoints to request metadata programmatically

FDP: curl -iH 'Accept: text/turtle' [BASE URL]/fdp

Catalog: curl -iH 'Accept: text/turtle' [BASE URL]/catalog/catalog01

Dataset: curl -iH 'Accept: text/turtle' [BASE URL]/dataset/dataset01

Distribution: curl -iH 'Accept: text/turtle' [BASE URL]/distribution/dist01

FDP supports the following RDF serializations (MIME-types):

  • Turtle: text/turtle
  • N-Triples: application/n-triples
  • N3: text/n3
  • RDF/XML: application/rdf+xml
  • JSON-LD: application/ld+json

Issues and Contributing

If you have questions or find a bug, please report the issue in the Github issue channel.

If you want to contribute to the development of FDP, have a look at the contribution guidelines.