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Fastify DX

Fastify DX is a collection of @fastify/vite renderers, allowing you to serve static or live (SSR) Vue and React applications (support for Svelte and Solid coming soon). Each renderer includes an extensible base application provided as virtual modules, implementing automatic serialization, hydration, universal routing, data fetching and global state management. They all follow the URMA specification.


Currently Node v16+, Fastify v4 and Vite v3 are supported.


@fastify/vue features Vue v3 support via @vitejs/plugin-vue with:

👉 Starter template
👉 Documentation


@fastify/react features React v18 support via @vitejs/plugin-react with:

👉 Starter template
👉 Documentation


Fastify DX is currently in beta.


Created by Jonas Galvez, Principal Engineer and Open Sourcerer at NodeSource.

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