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FAU FabLab

The Fablab at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg

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  1. FabLabKasse, a Point-of-Sale Software for FabLabs and other public and trust-based workshops

    Python 12 3

  2. Bridge software for Nikon DSLR to automatically upload to Smugmug

    Python 7 1

  3. Einweisung des FAU FabLab in die 3D-Drucker

    TeX 2 1

  4. Einweisung des FAU FabLab in den Lasercutter

    TeX 2 5

  5. Public presentations by the FAU FabLab

    TeX 1 1

  6. Our Implementation of the SpaceAPI

    Python 1 3


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