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About Us

Featurist was a software development consultancy that specialized in web applications founded in 2011 in London, UK and ceased trading in 2023. The Guild of Featurists aims to carry on the legacy of Featurist and what we learned together over 12 years, as we move on to other projects, teams and challenges.

We have a passion for creating high-quality software that delights users and meets business needs.

See the archived website for detailed case studies of our work, blog posts, and more.

Our Approach

  • Software developers who share your goals: Featurists work closely with your business to build your next big product.
  • Specialists in Testing and Integration: We specialize in successful automated testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.
  • Technical Architects and Team Leads: Featurists are pragmatic, experienced technical architects and team leads for large and ambitious projects.


The Travel Corporation

TTC has a wide and rich set of experiences to distribute to its travel agency partners and wants to offer them all the flexibility available to its own consultants and guests. To achieve this, Featurist has worked extensively with our internal sales experts and with key partners to build an elaborate and yet flexible set of services to support the searching, pricing, and booking of experiences, flights, and value add across six of TTC’s world-leading travel brands.

  • Patrick Salvi, Senior Business Engagement Manager


On the technical side, Featurist built precisely the right amount we needed and what they did was to an exceptional standard. On the operational side, Featurist went above and beyond the call of a typical software team.

  • Rob Bowley, Director of Technology

Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC

The team we hired from Featurist were dedicated professionals and expert developers. Their commitment to quality and mature approach to Behaviour Driven Development was instrumental.

  • Ben Jones, CTO


We have decided to work with Featurist on a number of large projects because they are the very best at what they do.

  • Peter Janes, CEO


Featurist was able to rapidly develop a high-quality solution for our customer-facing council tax services.

  • Chris Burnett, Solution Architect

The Pigeonhole

Featurist has been our key partner taking the Pigeonhole from a design concept, through beta to the full product launch.

  • Jacob Cockroft, CEO

Technologies We Use

  • Node.js: We love Node.js for its excellent performance and flexibility. Having JavaScript on the frontend and backend simplifies everything.
  • Ruby on Rails: We're always delighted at how productive we are with Ruby on Rails. It's beautiful, there are no surprises and it's still a huge player on the web.
  • Hosting: For hosting our applications, we're fans of Heroku for its simplicity and Kubernetes for its flexibility and reliability.
  • Frontend: We've enjoyed the transformations on the frontend with React, ReactNative, and the wonderful community.
  • Automated Testing: A cornerstone of our ability to release new features reliably and frequently.
  • AI / Machine Learning: We're amazed at how AI is helping us solve previously impossible problems.

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  1. hyperdom hyperdom Public

    A fast, feature rich and simple framework for building dynamic browser applications.

    TypeScript 162 14

  2. browser-monkey browser-monkey Public

    Reliable DOM testing

    JavaScript 53 6

  3. coypu coypu Public

    Intuitive, robust browser automation for .Net

    C# 562 142

  4. sworm sworm Public

    a write-only ORM for Node.js

    JavaScript 146 31

  5. promise-limit promise-limit Public

    limits calls to functions that return promises

    JavaScript 139 13

  6. httpism httpism Public

    Resource-oriented HTTP client for node.js and browsers

    JavaScript 25 4


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