Atom file specific icons for improved visual grepping
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File Icons

File-specific icons in Atom for improved visual grepping.

Icon previews

Supports the following packages:


Open SettingsInstall and search for file-icons.

Alternatively, install through command-line:

apm install file-icons


Everything is handled using CSS classes. Use your stylesheet to change or tweak icons.

Consult the package stylesheets to see what classes are used:

Icon reference


  • Resize an icon:

        font-size: 18px;
    // Resize in tab-pane only:
    .tab > .html5-icon:before{
        font-size: 18px;
        top: 3px;
  • Choose your own shades of orange:

    .dark-orange   { color: #6a1e05; }
    .medium-orange { color: #b8743d; }
    .light-orange  { color: #cf9b67; }
  • Bring back PHP's blue-shield icon:

        font-family: MFizz;
        content: "\f147";
  • Assign icons by file extension:

        font-family: Devicons;
        content: "\E64E";
  • Assign icons to directories:

    .directory > .header > .icon{
            font-family: "Octicons Regular";
            content: "\f0c4";


An icon has stopped updating:
It's probably a caching issue. Do the following:

  1. Open the command palette: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + P
  2. Run file-icons:clear-cache
  3. Reload the window, or restart Atom

The tree-view's files are borked and look like this:
If you haven't restarted Atom since upgrading to File-Icons v2, do so now.

If restarting doesn't help, your stylesheet probably needs updating. See below.

My stylesheet has errors since updating:
As of v2.0, classes are used for displaying icons instead of mixins. Delete lines like these from your stylesheet:

-@import "packages/file-icons/styles/icons";
-@import "packages/file-icons/styles/items";
.icon-file-directory {
    &[data-name=".git"]:before {
-       .git-icon;
+       font-family: Devicons;
+       content: "\E602";

Instead of @pane-tab… variables, use .tab > .icon[data-path]:

-@pane-tab-override { > .icon {
    &[data-path$=".to.file"] {


These CSS classes are no longer used, so delete them:


It's something else.
Please file an issue. Include screenshots if necessary.

Integration with other packages

If you're a package author, you can integrate File-Icons using Atom's services API:

First, add this to your package.json file:

"consumedServices": {
    "file-icons.element-icons": {
        "versions": {
            "1.0.0": "consumeElementIcons"

Secondly, add a function named consumeElementIcons (or whatever you named it) to your package's main export:

let addIconToElement;
module.exports.consumeElementIcons = function(func){
    addIconToElement = func;

Then call the function it gets passed to display icons in the DOM:

let fileIcon = document.querySelector("li.file-entry > span.icon");
addIconToElement(fileIcon, "/path/to/file.txt");

The returned value is a Disposable which clears the icon from memory once it's no longer needed:

const disposable = addIconToElement(fileIcon, "/path/to/file.txt");
fileIcon.onDestroy(() => disposable.dispose());

NOTE: Remember to remove any default icon-classes before calling the service handler.

 let fileIcon = document.querySelector("li.file-entry > span.icon");
 const disposable = addIconToElement(fileIcon, "/path/to/file.txt");


Originally based on sommerper/filetype-color, but now sporting a shiny new file-icons API in v2 thanks to Alhadis! Also thanks to all the contributors