Atom file-specific icons for improved visual grepping.
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Alhadis Bump minimum required Atom version to v1.25.0
This ensures that future package releases will stay compatible with Atom
versions that support ES2017 features (notably trailing commas, which're
likely to be included as a matter-of-habit).

Refs: file-icons/atom#753
Latest commit e04dfc7 Aug 13, 2018

File Icons

File-specific icons in Atom for improved visual grepping.

Icon previews

Supports the following core packages:

An API is offered for packages not listed above. See the integration steps for more info.


Open SettingsInstall and search for file-icons.

Alternatively, install through command-line:

apm install file-icons


Everything is handled using CSS classes. Use your stylesheet to change or tweak icons.

Consult the package stylesheets to see what classes are used:

Icon reference


Resize an icon

	font-size: 18px;

// Resize in tab-pane only:
.tab > .html5-icon:before{
	font-size: 18px;
	top: 3px;

Choose your own shades of orange

.dark-orange   { color: #6a1e05; }
.medium-orange { color: #b8743d; }
.light-orange  { color: #cf9b67; }

Bring back PHP's blue-shield icon

	font-family: MFizz;
	content: "\f147";

Assign icons by file extension

The following examples use attribute selectors to target specific pathnames:

	font-family: Devicons;
	content: "\E64E";

Assign icons to directories

.directory > .header > .icon{
		font-family: "Octicons Regular";
		content: "\f0c4";


I see this error after installing:

"Cannot read property 'onDidChangeIcon' of undefined"

A restart is needed to complete installation. Reload the window, or restart Atom.

If this doesn't help, please file an issue.

Installation halts with an npm error:

npm ERR! cb() never called!

There might be a corrupted download in your local cache. Delete ~/.atom/.apm, then try again:

rm -rf ~/.atom/.apm
apm install --production file-icons

An icon has stopped updating:

It's probably a caching issue. Do the following:

  1. Open the command palette: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + P
  2. Run file-icons:clear-cache
  3. Reload the window, or restart Atom

Ruby files are showing the wrong font:

If language-ethereum is installed, remove it. This is a known issue with the package, which is no longer maintained. For Solidity support, use linter-solidity or language-solidity instead.

If language-ethereum isn't installed, please follow these steps and file an issue.

The tree-view's files are borked and look like this:

If you haven't restarted Atom since upgrading to File-Icons v2, do so now.

If restarting doesn't help, your stylesheet probably needs updating. See below.

The tree-view keeps opening by itself when opening a project window:

  1. Open the dev-tools: ViewDeveloperToggle Developer Tools
  2. Click the Console tab
  3. Run the following line, then restart Atom:
atom.config.set("file-icons.revealTreeView", false);

My stylesheet has errors since updating:

As of v2.0, classes are used for displaying icons instead of mixins. Delete lines like these from your stylesheet:

-@import "packages/file-icons/styles/icons";
-@import "packages/file-icons/styles/items";
.icon-file-directory {
	&[data-name=".git"]:before {
-		.git-icon;
+		font-family: Devicons;
+		content: "\E602";

Instead of @pane-tab… variables, use .tab > .icon[data-path]:

-@pane-tab-override { > .icon {
 	&[data-path$=".to.file"] {

These CSS classes are no longer used, so delete them:


It's something else.

Please file an issue. Include screenshots if necessary.

Integration with other packages

If you're a package author, you can integrate File-Icons using Atom's services API.

First, add this to your package.json file:

"consumedServices": {
	"file-icons.element-icons": {
		"versions": {
			"1.0.0": "consumeElementIcons"

Secondly, add a function named consumeElementIcons (or whatever you named it) to your package's main export:

let addIconToElement;
module.exports.consumeElementIcons = function(func){
	addIconToElement = func;

Then call the function it gets passed to display icons in the DOM:

let fileIcon = document.querySelector("li.file-entry > span.icon");
addIconToElement(fileIcon, "/path/to/file.txt");

The returned value is a Disposable which clears the icon from memory once it's no longer needed:

const disposable = addIconToElement(fileIcon, "/path/to/file.txt");
fileIcon.onDestroy(() => disposable.dispose());

NOTE: Remember to remove any default icon-classes before calling the service handler!

 let fileIcon = document.querySelector("li.file-entry > span.icon");
 const disposable = addIconToElement(fileIcon, "/path/to/file.txt");


If you enjoy these icons, help support the project by becoming a backer. Huge thanks to our current backers for their generous support:



v1 was originally based on sommerper/filetype-color. v2 was completely rewritten. Both versions owe their success to innumerable contributions from the Atom community.