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faho commented Dec 9, 2015

This ports the prompts that actually used __fish_git_prompt to a new function __fish_vcs_prompt that just calls all shipped vcs prompts.

This should close #2431.

The remaining questions are:

  • Do we mark which vcs it is?
  • Do we rename the prompts ("Informative Git" to "Informative VCS", even though it doesn't enable an informative mode for other prompts, "Classic + Git" to "Classic + VCS", even though it has universal variables with a "__fish_classic_git" prefix)?

CC @siecje, @derekstavis.

faho commented Dec 9, 2015

This also touches #2582, which should also be added to __fish_vcs_prompt once it's merged.

faho added some commits Dec 9, 2015
@faho faho Add __fish_vcs_prompt helper function
This is supposed to be used by prompts so they'll get all known vcsen

For now, there's no distinction between the different vcsen.
@faho faho Switch classic + git prompt to all vcsen
Keep the name as that's used in variables.
@faho faho Make lonetwin prompt use __fish_vcs_prompt b3a632d
@faho faho Make informative_git prompt use vcs_prompt 2f8a0f0
@faho faho Add svn to __fish_vcs_prompt d20f55a
@faho faho Update makepkg completion
A few options were missing and --asroot has been removed
faho commented Dec 16, 2015

Merged as baa6971..482cfca.

@faho faho closed this Dec 16, 2015
@faho faho deleted the faho:vcs-prompt branch Dec 16, 2015
@faho faho referenced this pull request Dec 16, 2015

Add Mercurial to Git Prompt #2431

@zanchey zanchey added this to the next-2.x milestone Dec 17, 2015
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