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FuseFS 0.7
* It's now a Rubygem on Github
FuseFS 0.6
* FuseFS.mount_under() now takes FUSE options as optional arguments, such as
'allow_other' and 'allow_root'
* rmdir now works. (Whoops!)
FuseFS 0.5.1
* Bugfix for dealing with raw files (Thanks, Kent Sibilev)
FuseFS 0.5
* Fixed for FUSE 2.4. direct_io turned from a mount option in 2.3 to a lib
option in 2.4.
* _why_the_lucky_stiff's railsfs.rb added to the samples/ dir.
* FuseRoot#raw_open is called with the path and "r" "w" "rw" for read or
write modes, along with "a" if it is called for appending.
* If raw_open returns true, FuseFS will call raw_read, raw_write, and
raw_close at necessary points. (See API.txt)
* FuseRoot#size is optionally called to determine file sizes, should the
user want a file size to be reported as anything other than 0.
FuseFS 0.4
* Stronger and more robust handling of editor swap files, but still
* Peppered with debug statements.
* A bit cleaner method of calling ruby functions.
* rf_rename fixed. Whoops!
FuseFS 0.3
* read_file borked FuseFS when a binary file was returned. Instead of using
strdup, it now mallocs according to the returned size, as appropriate.
* Addition of sample/openurifs.rb
* 'touch file' emptied a file, since it opened and then released without
writing. I added a 'modified' flag to fix this.
* 'touch' method call added, and called when a program attempts to modify
a file's time.
* 'executable?' check added in case programmer wants to the file to report
itself as executable to the filesystem.
* vim and emacs swap files are not passed to FuseFS =).
FuseFS 0.2
* Fix call for deleting files from 'remove' to 'delete' to match API spec.
* Addition of sample/yamlfs.rb
FuseFS 0.1
Initial import.