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Gazebo, the simulation framework for ROS1 and ROS2 is awesome!
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Awesome Gazebo Awesome

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Gazebo, the simulation framework for ROS1 and ROS2 is awesome! A curated list of awesome Gazebo resources and libraries



Model databases

Physic engines


No books existing yet.

However there are book chapters which address Gazebo.

  • Learning Robotics using Python 1st edition (ISBN13: 9781783287536) website

    • Chapter 3: Working with Robot Simulation Using ROS and Gazebo
  • Learning ROS for Robotics Programming 2nd edition (ISBN13: 9781783987580) website

    • Chapter 7. 3D Modeling and Simulation
    • Chapter 8. The Navigation Stack - Robot Setups
    • Chapter 10. Manipulation with MoveIt!
  • Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming 1st edition (ISBN13: 9781783551798) website

    • Chapter 3. Simulating Robots Using ROS and Gazebo
    • Chapter 4. Using the ROS MoveIt! and Navigation Stack
    • Chapter 5. Working with Pluginlib, Nodelets, and Gazebo Plugins
    • Chapter 10. Exploring the Advanced Capabilities of ROS-MoveIt!
  • Programming Robots with ROS: A Practical Introduction to the Robot Operating System 1st edition (ISBN13: 9781449323899) website example code

    • Chapter 6: Robots and Simulators
    • Chapter 7: Wander-bot
    • Chapter 8: Teleop-bot
    • Chapter 11: Chess-bot
    • Chapter 12: Follow-bot
    • Chapter 14: Stockroom-bot
    • Chapter 16: Your Own Mobile Robot
    • Chapter 18: Your Own Robot Arm
  • ROS Robotics by Example 1st edition (ISBN13: 9781782175193) website

    • Chapter 2, Creating Your First Two-Wheeled ROS Robot (in Simulation)
    • Chapter 3. Driving Around with TurtleBot
    • Chapter 5. Creating Your First Robot Arm (in Simulation)
    • Chapter 6. Wobbling Robot Arms Using Joint Control
    • Chapter 7. Making a Robot Fly


  • ROS 2 overview link
  • ROS 2 integration link
  • Installing gazebo_ros_pkgs (ROS 2) link


ROSCon 2018

  • Astrobee: ROS-based Flight Software for a Free-flying Robot in Microgravity slides video
  • Gazebo renders the moon slides video
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Simulator: Enabling the Simulation of Multi-Robot Underwater Missions with Gazebo slides video
  • Accelerated robot training through simulation with ROS and Gazebo slides video

ROSCon 2017

  • Vehicle and city simulation with Gazebo and ROS slides video
  • Space Robotics Challenge backstage: A glimpse at the challenges of running the competition slides video
  • From simulation to the field: Learning to swim with the AQUA robot slides video
  • Model-based Design for Safety Critical Controller Design with ROS and Gazebo slides video

ROSCon 2016

  • What’s new in Gazebo? Upgrading your simulation user experience! slides video
  • Robotics Benchmarking with ROS video

ROSCon 2015

  • Simple benchmarks for speed and accuracy of rigid body dynamic simulators slides
  • Robot Model Development on Stereoids slides

ROSCon 2014

  • Comparison of Rigid Body Dynamic Simulators for Robotic Simulation in Gazebo slides video
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