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Awesome Flame

A curated list of games, libraries, and articles related to the Flame Engine for Flutter.

Flame is a minimalist 2D game engine for Flutter that provides a nice set of somewhat independent modules you can choose from to build your games.


Articles & Tutorials

Articles by Happy Makadiya at Simform Solutions

Articles by YayoCode

Tutorials by

Articles by

Deprecated Articles & Tutorials

The tutorials in this section were written a long time ago and you'll have to do a lot of changes to get their code to run with any up-to-date version of Flame.

Beginner Tutorial Series by Alekhin

Articles by Fireslime


  • Maze generator - List of algorithm examples to solve problems like Maze generation and more. By Dannark

Plugins & Libraries




Open Source


Endless Runner

  • BGUG - Break Guns Using Gems is a fast paced side-scrolling platformer with innovative controls and and a gun-related twist. By FireSlime

  • Dino Run - A 2D infinite side scroller mobile game made in Flutter using Flame engine. Get it on Play Store. By DevKage.



App Releases


  • Air Hockey Classic - Android, iOS - Play the classic 'Air Hockey' arcade game now on your mobile device! By Ignace Maes
  • Oh Dash! - Android, iOS - Play a fast paced arcade game by dodging various hazards and try to be top player on the world! - By Davi Bispo


  • Four In A Row - Android, iOS - Play the classic 'Four In A Row' board game! Will you be the first to connect 4 of your chips? Challenge the AI, or play against your friends and family. By Ignace Maes
  • Omnichess - Web, Android, iOS - Create and play your own Chess variants! 2-8 players. Online/AI. Square/Hexagonal tiled boards. By Chirag Patel

  • Chinese Checkers - Android, iOS - Play Chinese Checkers (Sternhalma), a popular strategy board game, online with friends/strangers or offline with bots. By Dong Digital.


  • Wormo - Android, iOS - Meet Wormo the gooey worm in this wonderful casual game! Think you can put wormo in the nest? Think again, it requires an extraordinary technique. By Tommy Buonomo (Frenchie Games)
  • Hyper Hexagon - Android, Web - Hexagonal board game challenge - A classical and futuristic. Inspired by the old classic Hexxagon '90s game. By TheCocce

  • Brick Mania - Android, iOS - A fantastic reinvention of the classic Brick Breaker game: relaxing and yet super satisfying. By Dong Digital.

  • Tension Tunnel - Android, iOS, Web - A casual, minimalist and challenging game that will put your reflexes to the test. Be careful, it's highly addictive! By Atomic Instinct

  • TTG - Through The Galaxies - Android, iOS - Control the rocket to go through the planets to gain higher and higher score. By imaNNeo

  • BBB - Birds, Beasts, Baddies - Android - Four furry and feathery friends jump for joy. Avoid enemies, collect mushrooms, jump as high as you can. By Coconut Island Apps

  • Jade Rapids - Android - Swim with your pug up Jade Rapids collecting treats and dodging obstacles. By Philip Lalonde




  • Relo Music Instrument - Android, iOS - First ever RELATIVE music instrument, which is especially suitable for mobile devices and improvisation.

Online Multiplayer

  • Penguin Chat - Android, GitHub - Players use cartoon penguin avatars and chat in a virtual world without losing their real-time position. By Sanjeev Madhav

Puzzle Games

  • Ripple Effect Puzzle - Android, iOS - A sophisticated variation of Sudoku. By Tommy Buonomo (Frenchie Games)

  • Tile Paths - Android - Drag the tiles and find the best path to make your character collect all items while avoiding the enemy. With 10 different stages you can challenge your friends to see who gets the best highscore in every one of them. By Naslausky

  • Sorting Puzzle - Android, iOS - Color sorting game reinvented: move and combine to solve puzzles. By Dong Digital.

Role Playing


  • Pool Ball Classic - Android, iOS - Play 8 Ball Pool like you know and love on your mobile device featuring 3D graphics, realistic physics, and a challenging AI mode. By Ignace Maes

  • Cycling Escape - Android, iOS, GitHub - You start off with only one rider. Compete in races to start earning money. Unlock more team mates and compete in more extreme and longer races. Keep going and win the ultimate world tour! By ikbendewilliam

Tower Defense

  • Xtrike - Android - An awesome strategic tower defense game. Build your battle units and destroy enemies. By White Wood City


  • Geometry Survival Beta - Android - An roguelike game to survival and upgrade weapons to destroy powerful enemies. By HarrisonQI


  • Random Race - Android, iOS - A racing simulation app with cute dinos to help you make decisions when you find yourself indecisive. By Sopivasti


  • Game UI Database - The ultimate screen reference tool for game interface designers. Explore over 500 games and 19,000 individual images, and filter by screen type, material, layout, texture, shapes, patterns, genres and more!

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An awesome list that curates the best Flame games, projects, libraries, tools, tutorials, articles and more.








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