Angular dashboard sample application with nodejs REST backend integration
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Angular dashboard sample application with nodejs REST backend integration built using latest angular best practices.

This seed is a sort of free version of a template that may be found here or here with working backend integration. You may use it to bootstrap the development of your next web app. Ok, so basically, this project is a hack ;)

Check out the Live Demo. Use following credentials: user1/user1pass.


  • AngularJS
  • Angular UI Router
  • Bootstrap3
  • Nodejs backend inegration
  • Sass styles
  • Gulp build
  • Stylish, clean, responsive layout
  • Lots of utility css classes for rapid development (flatlogic css set)
  • Authentication and authorization
  • CRUD operations examples
  • Browsersync for the ease of development
  • Toastr notifications


Required tools


  1. Clone project git clone
  2. Install node and bower dependencies: npm install
  3. Run the application: gulp serve
  4. go to http://localhost:3000
  5. Enter username: user1, password: user1pass

Project structure

Project structure based on this yeoman generator. If you have any questions about the build or project structure please check out their documentation.


For any additional information please refer to Flatlogic homepage.



MIT, hell yeah.