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Web & Mobile Application Templates built with React, Angular, Vue JS

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  1. 🚀A powerful react native starter template that bootstraps development of your mobile application

    JavaScript 1.5k 446

  2. ✔️Font Awesome Bootstrap Checkboxes & Radios. Pure css way to make inputs look prettier

    CSS 2k 463

  3. sing-app Template

    💥Free and open-source admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 4.5 💥

    Handlebars 1.2k 178

  4. Angular admin dashboard with material design

    JavaScript 1.3k 479

  5. 🔥React Dashboard - isomorphic admin dashboard template (React.js, Bootstrap, Node.js, GraphQL, React Router, Babel, Webpack, Browsersync) 🔥

    JavaScript 1.2k 271

  6. Bootstrap Tab Collapse plugin. Switches bootstrap tabs component to collapse for small screens

    HTML 368 126


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