On boarding process

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Awesome of you to join us on Github!

Before you start; please set your real name and, if the case, the company you work for. We like to maintain a transparent community.

  1. Make yourself comfortable with the current software.
  2. Read the documentation to get an idea of how the software works (the documentation can be found on the wiki's), how the community works, legal stuff etc.
  3. Look for an issue to solve. It might be easy to start with a bug. If you have questions, ask them on github as an issue.
  4. Send in a pull-request. A developer/maintainer can take a look a the code, discuss it and eventually merge it. Make sure your contribution fits the PowerMatcher/FPAI mission (can be found on the PowerMatcher.org website).
  5. The Code review/test process process will start.

Once you send-in multiple (quality) contributions, you can request a developer status. The community council will evaluate this requests. Please mention the community council in a related issue.

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