Framework Adapters

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A list of adapters for using Flot in other frameworks. Please feel free to add your adapter to the list, but follow the same format as the other entries - name (as a link) followed by a one-line description - and keep the categories and entries sorted alphabetically.

List of adapters


flot-android-chart by jxmei2011 - A library to make Flot work on Android


Flot Erlang Nitrogen Plugin by Andreas Stenius - A plugin that integrates Flot with Erlang Nitrogen


Grails Flot Plugin by Bertrand Goetzmann - A plugin that integrates Flot with the powerful web framework Grails


Flot4JSF2 by George Suaridze - A JSF 2.0 component for showing Flot charts

FlotJF by dunse - A Java Framework for Flot

GFlot by Nanometrics - A GWT adaptation of Flot

JayFlot by Felipe Arruda Pontes - Easy integration of Flot in Java

struts2-jquery-plugin by Eric Chijioke - A plugin providing Flot charts as a Struts2 tag


YUI-Flot by Philip Tellis - A port of the Flot charting library to YUI

Cascade Framework by John Slegers - Flot is integrated into Cascade Framework's JS layer, adding responsive behavior and dependency management.

json2flot by Rotem Hermon - A Javascript library for collecting, aggregating and plotting real-time metrics from JSON data using flot.


Drupal-Flot by Frank Febbraro - A Flot module for Drupal

MySQL Flot PHP by Robert Keizer - A small set of classes that allows for easy Flot graph generation based on data from a MySQL database

Yii-Flot by Michiel Betel - A Flot plugin for the Yii PHP framework


TurboFlot by Luke Macken - Allows you to wield the Flot plugin inside of TurboGears applications

tw2.jqplugins.flot by Ralph Bean - A ToscaWidgets wrapper for the Flot plugin


Flotilla by Joshua Miller - A Rails plugin that provides the functionality of the Flot plugin for jQuery within Rails applications

Flotomatic by Michael Cowden - A Rails plugin for making Flot graphs simple as pie


scalajs-flot by Dino Fancellu - Scala.js bindings for Flot and example applications


angular-flot by Lorenzo Villani - An Angular directive that wraps Flotcharts.