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Query AWS Athena and download the result as CSV.
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This tool can download an Athena SQL query results in CSV format.


$ go get -u -v

Or you can clone and build:

$ git clone
$ cd athena2csv/
$ go build -v

Run the tool

Running this tool will create an S3 bucket queryathena2csv-query-bucket.

Required environment variables:

# The following should have at least Athena read and S3 read/write access.

If your query string is quite long, you can write it in a file:

$ athena2csv --database aws-billing --query-file query.txt

If your query is not that long, you can input directly in command line:

$ athena2csv --database aws-billing "select \"identity/lineitemid\" \
      from \"aws_billing\".\"mobingilabs_aws_billing_formatted_development\" \
      limit 10"

Output file is downloaded to the current directory, named output.csv.

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