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  • 6 fields with 100s of metrics, including lots of power-specific metrics
    • Easily choose metrics by selecting from 3 short lists. e.g. "Lap", "Maximum", "Power"
    • (T5) Custom metrics based on the math formula of your choice (e.g. cadence / 2)
    • (T2) Multiple data field layouts
  • Power Zones: 5 to 10 (T2)
  • (T2) Power Alerts
    • Structured workout alerts (except for 735XT/VAHR/Approach S60)
    • Lap alerts
    • Custom alerts (high/low)
    • Zone alerts
    • Customize alert frequency / limit
  • (T2) Color-coded HR, Power fields (optional)
    • T2, T3 watches support Power coloring for 5 zones only
  • (T4) Custom Power Zone Colors
  • (T4) Color-coded Cadence fields (optional)
  • (T4) Custom Zone Names (e.g. 1a, 1b, 1c,...)
  • (T4) Records power to activity FIT file, so can look at your stats later. Records graph, lap avg/max and activity avg/max
  • Filters crazy high power values (like 2000) to get around Garmin bug which messes up your stats