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Welcome to the Flyver-SDK Wiki!

Flyver’s technology consists of a SDK, programming framework and marketplace for drone apps. Using our technology, developers can create apps that put drones to any sort of use they wish and then publish them on the Flyver marketplace and monetize. To find out more about how exactly Flyver technology works, visit our Getting Started Tutorial.

On the Flyver-SDK Wiki you can find all the resources you need to start creating apps. You can also find a series of basic tutorial by the Flyver team to give you a start as well as several app ideas, which are intended to get your mind rolling in the right direction. Naturally, all information posted here is completely openly-available, so you’re welcome to take it and do with it whatever you please, including turn one of our app ideas into a reality!

We will be adding more and more information to our Wiki as the SDK develops further, so check back frequently!

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