Universal agnostic caching framework for PHP, Node/XPCOM/JS, Python
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An agnostic universal caching framework for PHP, Node/JS, Python

python,node implementations in progress..


###How to Use This is a caching framework for applications that is universal and agnostic and total.

This means that one can use it easily in her web applications that use any given framework or not use any framework at all.

Total means that the whole requested page is being cached (if used as such), but one can use the cache classes and factories to cache specifiec parts of the requested page also.

The framework is configured by a config file which easily gets together all parameters, like type of caching, time to live, post-cache user defined filtering and per-page user defined cache disable.

A demo is included with the package. One simply adds an include directive and bang you have the most advanced caching.

###Types of Caching Supported

  • File-based caching
  • APC
  • Memcached
  • it is very easy to extend to other methods as well (eg xCache).


^ add node/js, python implementations

  • add support for Redis
  • add support for xCache


###Notes part of the code is based on code from: http://www.rooftopsolutions.nl/blog/107

UNICACHE is also part of PHP classes http://www.phpclasses.org/package/7530-PHP-Cache-data-in-files-APC-or-Memcached.html

URL Nikos Web Development
URL UNICACHE blog post
URL WorkingClassCode