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Node.js is a tool for executing JavaScript in a variety of environments. JavaScript had humble beginnings as a language that lived only in web browsers, but the Node.js project has expanded its reach and helped make it the most popular programming language in the world. Node.js extends the creative potential of people with web development experience, enabling a new generation of developers to create servers, command-line tools, desktop apps, and even robots.

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abea commented Sep 26, 2019

With apos-workflow enabled, the page reorganize modal's Trash rows (when you expand pages with children) isn't aligned to be clear about the relationship. If the Trash row is part of the "Service" page context (in the screenshot), it probably should be aligned with that page's children, possibly shaded red as the "true" trash at the bottom.


zenflow commented Nov 23, 2017

There currently seems to be no documentation of the Binary Log Protocol Client feature...

I'm not there yet, but I will need to know about this feature.

When I do get there, I'll start posting comments here with what I find out.

Please, anyone in the same situation do the same.

At some point these details can be collected and a PR submitted to update documentation.

Created by Ryan Dahl

Released May 27, 2009

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