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Foodsoft is intended to be used by non-profit food cooperatives. Who is currently using foodsoft? Please add yourself if you are!

Name City Hosted by Fork (if any)
Beißwat! Rostock, DE self rostock
TU-ESS Berlin, DE foodcoops
FC Schinke09 Kreuzberg, DE foodcoops
4-Häuser-Projekt Tübingen, DE foodcoops
FoodCoop Amsterdam Amsterdam, NL fcadam adam
Voedlink Amsterdam, NL fcadam adam
Vokomokum Amsterdam, NL fcadam adam+
Foodcoop Noord Amsterdam, NL fcadam adam
Wijk 7 Amsterdam, NL disroot adam [1]
Voko Maastricht Maastricht, NL foodcoops
Klappertopf Vienna, AT self
Vorratskammer Vienna, AT self foodcoop1040
d'speis Vienna, AT
Krautkoopf Graz, AT foodcoops
Comedor Zürich, CH self
FoodCoop Luzern Luzern, CH foodcoops
GASET Toulouse, FR self
Foodcool Oldenburg, DE foodcoops
Coop Noded Northern Israel fcadam adam
Dickes Bee Berlin, DE self old version (ended)
Foodanger Pommelsbrunn, DE foodcoops (site gone)
Foodcoop Saarbrücken Saarbrücken, DE self (site gone)
Radieschen Halle, DE foodcoops
Schalottchen Halle, DE foodcoops

And there are many more at!

This is most probably not an exhaustive list.

In the past Foodsoft was also used by: Voedselcollectief Eindhoven.

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