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Orientation Change Crashes App #200

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Hybrid app is crashing when changing orientation from portrait to landscape. The log lines indicate that the app gets launched again:

01-10 18:56:21.605: I/SalesforceDroidGapActivity.unschedulePeriodicAutoRefresh(16274): unschedulePeriodicAutoRefresh called
01-10 18:56:21.676: D/DroidGap(16274): Origin to allow:
01-10 18:56:21.684: D/DroidGap(16274): Origin to allow: https://
01-10 18:56:21.691: I/CordovaLog(16274): Found log level DEBUG
01-10 18:56:21.691: I/CordovaLog(16274): Changing log level to DEBUG(3)
01-10 18:56:21.691: I/CordovaLog(16274): Found preference for classicRender
01-10 18:56:21.699: D/DroidGap(16274): DroidGap.onCreate()
01-10 18:56:21.699: D/DroidGap(16274): DroidGap.loadUrl(file:///android_asset/www/bootstrap.html)
01-10 18:56:21.699: D/DroidGap(16274): DroidGap: url=file:///android_asset/www/bootstrap.html baseUrl=file:///android_asset/www/
01-10 18:56:21.746: D/DroidGap(16274): DroidGap.init()
01-10 18:56:21.770: D/dalvikvm(16274): GC_CONCURRENT freed 400K, 8% free 11272K/12167K, paused 13ms+4ms, total 58ms
01-10 18:56:21.777: D/SalesforceDroidGapActivity:init(16274): User-Agent string: SalesforceMobileSDK/1.3.1 android mobile/4.1.1 (Galaxy Nexus) Logger/1.3.3 Hybrid Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.1.1; en-us; Galaxy Nexus Build/JRO03O) AppleWebKit/534.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/534.30
01-10 18:56:21.785: D/PluginManager(16274): init()
01-10 18:56:21.801: I/SalesforceOAuthPlugin.shouldAutoRefreshOnForeground(16274): false
01-10 18:56:21.801: I/SalesforceDroidGapActivity.schedulePeriodicAutoRefresh(16274): schedulePeriodicAutoRefresh called
01-10 18:56:21.816: D/SoftKeyboardDetect(16274): Ignore this event
01-10 18:56:21.910: I/SalesforceGapViewClient(16274): Setting 'about:blank' as the home page URL for this app
01-10 18:56:22.059: I/SalesforceDroidGapActivity.unschedulePeriodicAutoRefresh(16274): unschedulePeriodicAutoRefresh called
01-10 18:56:22.082: D/SoftKeyboardDetect(16274): Ignore this event
01-10 18:56:22.285: W/IInputConnectionWrapper(16274): showStatusIcon on inactive InputConnection
01-10 18:56:23.035: I/SalesforceGapViewClient(16274): Setting 'about:blank' as the home page URL for this app


The fix is to upgrade to SDK 1.4 and add screenSize to the activity:

android:configChanges="orientation|keyboardHidden|screenSize" >

@srohde srohde closed this
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