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  1. open-event-frontend open-event-frontend Public

    The frontend for the Open Event API Server

    JavaScript 2.3k 1.8k

  2. open-event-server open-event-server Public

    The Open Event Organizer Server to Manage Events

    Python 3k 1.9k

  3. pslab-hardware pslab-hardware Public

    PSLab Hardware Design and Schematics

    Prolog 1.6k 92

  4. visdom visdom Public

    A flexible tool for creating, organizing, and sharing visualizations of live, rich data. Supports Torch and Numpy.

    Python 9.9k 1.1k

  5. badgemagic-android badgemagic-android Public

    Badge Magic with LEDs - Android App

    Kotlin 1.8k 202

  6. eventyay-talk eventyay-talk Public

    main: dev:

    Python 1.5k 39


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