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Website for PSLab


This repository holds the website of PSLab.

PSLab is a tiny pocket science lab that provides an array of equipment for doing science and engineering experiments. It can function like an oscilloscope, waveform generator, frequency counter, programmable voltage and current source and also as a data logger.


Site hosted pslab.fossasia.org.

Contributions Best Practices


  • Write clear meaningful git commit messages (Do read http://chris.beams.io/posts/git-commit/)
  • Make sure your PR's description contains GitHub's special keyword references that automatically close the related issue when the PR is merged. (More info at https://github.com/blog/1506-closing-issues-via-pull-requests )
  • When you make very very minor changes to a PR of yours (for example fixing some small style corrections or minor changes requested by reviewers) make sure you squash your commits afterwards so that you don't have an absurd number of commits for a very small fix. (Learn how to squash at https://davidwalsh.name/squash-commits-git )
  • When you're submitting a PR for a UI-related issue, it would be really awesome if you add a screenshot of your change or a link to a deployment where it can be tested out along with your PR. It makes it very easy for the reviewers and you'll also get reviews quicker.

Join the development

  • Before you join development, please set up the system on your local machine and go through the application completely.
  • If you would like to work on an issue, drop in a comment at the issue. If it is already assigned to someone, but there is no sign of any work being done, please free to drop in a comment so that the issue can be assigned to you if the previous assignee has dropped it entirely.

Copyright and License

Copyright(c) PSLab@FOSSASIA.

Site released under the MIT license.