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U-boot for BPI-R2/R64/R2Pro/R3/R4



On x86/x64-host you need cross compile tools for the armhf architecture:

sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu libc6-armhf-cross u-boot-tools make gcc swig python-dev python3-pyelftools



  • loadenv fails because of resized environment (4096 => 8188)
    • backup your saved environment before update uboot or change back CONFIG_ENV_SIZE to SZ_4K (./ soc)
    • erase your saved environment
env erase
  • no emmc-command (not needed "emmc pconf 0x48" = "mmc partconf 0 1 1 0")


  #edit build.conf to select bpi-r64/bpi-r2pro/bpi-r3 if needed
  ./ importconfig
  ./ config #optional (menuconfig)
  ./ install #write to sd-card
  ./ umount #umount automatic mounted partitions

building and flash image

for all boards there are basic sdcard image templates created containing the full bootchain till uboot.

  • bpi-r2.img.gz
  • bpi-r2pro.img.gz
  • bpi-r3_sdmmc.img.gz
  • bpi-r4_sdmmc.img.gz
  • bpi-r64_sdmmc.img.gz

These do not contain linux kernel or rootfs but you can flash them as base to sdcard.

gunzip -c bpi-r3_sdmmc.img.gz | sudo dd bs=1M status=progress conv=notrunc,fsync of=/dev/sdX

After this you can extract the rootfs and kernel to the card.

refresh partitiontable and mounting

sudo partprobe /dev/sdX
udisksctl mount -b /dev/disk/by-label/BPI-BOOT
udisksctl mount -b /dev/disk/by-label/BPI-ROOT

debian bullseye rootfs (created by in same folder):


# unpack debian rootfs
sudo tar -xzf bullseye_arm64.tar.gz -C /media/$USER/BPI-ROOT
# unpack kernel binary files
sudo tar -xzf bpi-r3_6.1.0-main.tar.gz --strip-components=1 -C /media/$USER/BPI-BOOT BPI-BOOT
# for r3 move kernel binary to root of boot-partition and rename it
mv /media/$USER/BPI-BOOT/bananapi/bpi-r3/linux/bpi-r3.itb /media/$USER/BPI-BOOT/bpi-r3-6.1.0.itb
echo "fit=bpi-r3-6.1.0.itb" >> /media/$USER/BPI-BOOT/uEnv.txt
# unpack kernel modules to rootfs
# debian uses /lib as symlink to usr/lib, extracting the dir from tar overwrites symlink with directory
# which contains then only the kernel-modules, but not other libs so extract the subfolder to /lib
sudo tar -xzf bpi-r3_6.1.0-main.tar.gz --strip-components=2 -C /media/$USER/BPI-ROOT/lib/ BPI-ROOT/lib/

R2 uses uImage and kernel=xxx in uEnv.txt (in folder bananapi/bpi-r2/linux) R64, R3, R4 uses fit in in root dir of BPI-BOOT partition (fit=bpi-rX.itb) R2Pro uses now fit and uEnv.txt too (Image.gz+dtb in extlinux folder as fallback).

set root-password and maybe make additional changes:

sudo chroot /media/$USER/BPI-ROOT
echo "bpi-r3" > /etc/hostname


# <file system>	<dir>	<type>	<options>		<dump>	<pass>
/dev/mmcblk0p5	/boot	vfat    errors=remount-ro	0	1
/dev/mmcblk0p6	/	ext4	defaults		0	0

maybe add network-config (systemd) and systemd services i uploaded here:

i have created an script which creates full sdcard-Images including rootfs and kernel (except BPI-R4):