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Home of PiDSP - a freeDSP for Raspberry Pi

PiDSP is a DSP board built around ADAU1452, with use of Raspberry Pi compatible SBC in mind. For more details please see:

PiDSP Manual

Developement thread@diyaudio.com


eevblog forum

B2 is current version, containing some bugs.

B3(in developement branch) is work in progress.


  • Power supply 12V
  • Logic level 3.3V NOT 5V TOLERANT!!
  • PCB:10cmx10cm 4L - nope, you can not etch it on your sink. But it fits into 10x10cm dimension limit of cheap fab houses :)
  • Inputs: 1xSPDIF, 4xI2S - TDM capable
  • Outputs: 1xSPDIF, 4xI2S - TDM capable
  • ADAU1452 controls: 4 analog controls, 4 digital controls
  • Other:
    • Connector for Raspberry Pi compatible SBC connector,
    • USBi connector
    • Power management