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An open-source digital signal processor platform for the do-it-yourself community.

Popular repositories

  1. freeDSP ADAU1452 with 8 analog input, 8 analog outputs, S/P-DIF I/O, ADAT I/O, USB Audio Class2, WiFi, Bluetooth

    C 111 50

  2. The freeDSP CLASSIC is a digital signal processor module based on the ADAU1701 and mainly THT components.

    Eagle 28 20

  3. freeUSBi Public

    The freeUSBi is a real-time programming interface for the freeDSP family.

    KiCad Layout 23 19

  4. PiDSP Public

    Home of PiDSP - a freeDSP for Raspberry Pi

    18 2

  5. The freeDSP SigmaLink USBi PROGRAMMER is an all-in-one real-time programming interface.

    C 11 7


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