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open source driver project for adreno GPUs
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diagrams add freedreno architecture diagrams
envytools @ ea2f37d update envytools submodule link
fdre-a2xx fdre-a3xx: start adding assembler
fdre-a3xx more cat6 updates
includes cffdump: add GS/HS/DS support, border color dumping
opencl some forgotten cl test kernels
scripts start hooking up rnndec to decode registers and bitfields
shaders-gles3 start adding some gles3 shaders
shaders pgmdump: few small tweaks
tests-2d tests-2d: run each test in fresh process
tests-3d tests-3d: add AMD_performance_monitor test
tests-cl tests-cl: add simple test
util cffdump: add parsing for CP_REG_TO_MEM packet
wrap wrap: be sure to have valid devinfo for libwrapfake
.gitignore tests-3d: add TF and instanced rendering tests
.gitmodules cffdump: use envytools
Makefile wrap: add libwrapfake
NOTES update NOTES for composite porter-duff ops
README start logging blit params and detecting them in redump misc.. update scripts pgmdump: add --expand to unroll rptN add more test shaders add script to run redump update zdump: util for parsing 2d cmdstream


The test and libwrap code link using normal gcc (on gnu/linux type
environment, I'm using armv7 ubuntu 11.10, but debian, etc, should
work just fine), against an android libc and libC2D2, etc.  The
/system directory from an android snapdragon filesystem should be
extracted under /system.  You can find what you need from, for ex,
a cyanogenmod filesystem for a snapdragon phone.

You can run the test apps with wrapper lib like:

  LD_PRELOAD=`pwd`/ ./test-copy > test-copy.log

(run that as root or fix up permissions on /dev/kgsl-*)

The redump utility can post process a set of .rd log files to
generate a html table showing side-by-side comparisions of the
cmdstream with params and gpuaddr's highlighted:

  ./redump copy*.rd > copy.html

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