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diagrams add freedreno architecture diagrams Dec 26, 2013
fdre-a2xx fdre-a3xx: start adding assembler Apr 6, 2013
fdre-a3xx more cat6 updates Aug 1, 2015
includes disasm-a2xx: use rnndb for format names Jul 3, 2018
opencl some forgotten cl test kernels Jul 12, 2014
shaders-atomic even more test-compiler shaders Oct 30, 2017
shaders-gles3 start adding some gles3 shaders Sep 23, 2014
shaders-stages cffdump: add registers for other stages Oct 30, 2017
shaders pgmdump: few small tweaks Aug 31, 2012
tests-2d tests: deduplicate test-case macros May 20, 2018
tests-3d tests-3d: add test for msaa related state Jul 3, 2018
tests-cl tests-cl: Add to ndk build May 20, 2018
util remove stuff that moved to envytools tree Jul 5, 2018
wrap wrap: add WRAP_FORCE_32B and env2u helper May 20, 2018
.gitignore tests-3d: add TF and instanced rendering tests Feb 19, 2015
.gitmodules remove stuff that moved to envytools tree Jul 5, 2018 update, etc Jul 5, 2018 update, etc Jul 5, 2018
Makefile remove stuff that moved to envytools tree Jul 5, 2018
NOTES update NOTES for composite porter-duff ops Apr 7, 2012
README start logging blit params and detecting them in redump Mar 25, 2012 tests-cl: Add to ndk build May 20, 2018 script May 20, 2018 misc.. update scripts Jul 29, 2012 pgmdump: add --expand to unroll rptN May 24, 2013 add more test shaders Jul 6, 2012 add script to run redump Apr 7, 2012 couple random fixes Aug 20, 2016 zdump: util for parsing 2d cmdstream Mar 8, 2013


The test and libwrap code link using normal gcc (on gnu/linux type
environment, I'm using armv7 ubuntu 11.10, but debian, etc, should
work just fine), against an android libc and libC2D2, etc.  The
/system directory from an android snapdragon filesystem should be
extracted under /system.  You can find what you need from, for ex,
a cyanogenmod filesystem for a snapdragon phone.

You can run the test apps with wrapper lib like:

  LD_PRELOAD=`pwd`/ ./test-copy > test-copy.log

(run that as root or fix up permissions on /dev/kgsl-*)

The redump utility can post process a set of .rd log files to
generate a html table showing side-by-side comparisions of the
cmdstream with params and gpuaddr's highlighted:

  ./redump copy*.rd > copy.html