FreeWork Is A Culture

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Technology and Humanity in collaboration

Freework is a shared-agency ecosystem that utilises the Kazini standard to formalise all work, manage workflow and monetise its results. Our stated ideal is, the attainment of income-supported quality of life, for all humanity, through worthwhile work.

The elements that collectively create the FreeWork culture are:

  1. Kazini.Work (Rules governing the economic model);
  2. Able the Artificial Intelligence (WorkFlow Management Information System);
  3. DoIt Currency (The value form factor)
  4. Doers multi-agent system (Utility maximising agents who conduct economy).

These constructs work together and attain success by unitising total factor productivity, broadening markets, accounting for value-formation and monetising the end results.

Kazini is a valorisation protocol and assurance platform built on ethereum blockchain. It is designed to realise socio-economic development outcomes for societies. The overall goal of the Kazini protocol is to effectively guarantee outputs and promote the FreeWork culture ideal. The nature of the technology powering the underlying economic principles, makes it is possible to verify each transaction, each output and the results thereafter. This ensures that any inflation that is not commensurate to a value-formation in the value stream is identified and corrected.

Thus when applied enables for work that is currently not valued can be valorized and the results monetized. So for instance, a mother meeting WHO goals of breastfeeding for 6 months can be incentivised to ensure she sticks to this best practice for her baby, which in turn ensures healthier babies within the population. Women fetching water or firewood can be valorised in reforestation work as part of biomass component of the energy mix.

Other uses can track a agroproduce seed from cropping, growth, maturation, harvesting, processing, transportation to agro-manufacturing, either being turned into processing, bottling, packaging and distribution or to supermarket shelves as whole foods and eventually to end consumer. In the entire value stream platform identifies, unitises, accounts and attributes for where value-formation occurred and reliably valorises it.

By including groups and forms of work that is not formalized into the Kazini protocol, the FreeWork culture directly addresses the inequalities present in current economies and is targeted to eradicate unemployment, eliminate intractable poverty and redress economic imbalances. Kazini valorization protocol makes equity and equality a standard; that anyone willing is able to access and do worthwhile work, and that the work they already do can be valorized as well.

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