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Visual Pinball Engine

An engine for creating and re-creating pinball machines, virtually.

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VPE is a toolkit with the goal of making it easy to create pinball machines digitally. It uses Unity's High Definition Render Pipeline and comes with extensive editor tooling that aims to provide all the features needed for such a task. VPE can read Visual Pinball's file format and uses Visual Pinball's physics code for the simulation during gameplay.


For a more detailed overview, header over to the website. It's also where all the new features get documented.


The project started in late 2019 and is still actively being developed. We're part of the virtual pinball community and as such, this project is a community effort. The following is a list of relevant posts that document the progress of VPE so far.

During that time, we've also written a guest article at about our community..

VPE Repositories

The "core" of VPE (i.e. the VisualPinball.Engine project) is a pure C# port of the original Visual Pinball. It has no dependencies to any proprietary third parties, and provides the data layer.

This repository is part of a number of packages. It is what we're referring to as the main package, which also includes the core project.



We've put them in a Wiki. :)


IntelliJ IDEA

Special thanks go to JetBrains for their awesome IDE and support of the Open Source Community!


Since 4616dcbb, GPL-3.0. Before 4616dcbb, GPL-2.0.